It’s NOT business as usual for us!

We’re working

We’re here on the phone 02 96 29 85 06

checking email

and facebook

to give you all the advice and help that we can


Untill instructed otherwise we understand that we are allowed to continue our activities however there is an overwhelming responsibility on all of us to keep contact to a minimum and to restrict travel. Guidance for travel says that while work can be carried out this should only be if it cannot be deferred.

We take our social responsibilities seriously, to which end we’ll be doing installations and repairs, we will not however be doing upgrades. Think along the lines of  “the kids will drive me nuts with no TV for a month” as against “it’d be nice to have a TV in the dining room” and you’ve got our thoughts.

Stay healthy, stay well and STAY AT HOME

We look forward to seeing you all when things return to something nearer normal (what ever that is)