4G BroadBand

With real world speeds of around 50mbs achievable and cheap data 4G has truly become an option for folk unable to get a fibre connection

Is 4G broadband Internet for you?

If you have any sort of mobile phone signal and you find your cabled connection too slow, the answer is very probably “yes”

If you can get a 4G connection on your mobile phone indoors then all you need is a 4G router and a sim card, just like the one in your phone.

If you can get a signal outside but struggle indoors then you’ll need a simple outside connected to the router to bring the signal in.

If your signal is weak even outside then don’t worry, a directional aerial will probably do the trick.

We can supply everything you need to carry out the installation yourself or if you’re not comfortable weilding a drill while standing on a ladder we can do it for you.