French TV

For French TV there are 3 options:
Online, using a box from your broadband provider
Using a TV aerial (€249 fitted and working)
Using a satellite dish & decoder €299 fitted and working)


the main phone/broadband providers supply an adapter for TV with their service. Iff you’re connection speed is better than around 5mbs then you should be able to use the adapter alone, much less and you’ll need to have a satellite dish connected as well as the internet

TV aerial

known as a rateau (rake) in French, these can be used in most areas and are the best solution for multiple TVs as the signal can easily be split between rooms.
You can check the reception at your address at, even reception of 1/5 is usable.


reception requires a dish and a TNTsat or FranSat box (we normally use a Fransat box) as most French channels are encrypted
For TNTsat the dish needs to be pointing towards the Astra1 satellite cluster at 19 degrees East of South and fro Fransat at AtlanticBird 3 at 5 degrees west of south.