With our fixed pricing for Brittany you know what the cost is going to be before you even call what the cost is going to be. These prices are for a normal installation in a normal house and are inclusive, there’s no travel on top or extra charge for mounting on the chimney.

FREESATDish and installation for recorder €200
Simple box, dish and installation €299
Recording box, dish and installation €649


Dish and installation for Sky+ €200 (2 cables, Sky HD or SkyQ)

We’re happy to install your equipment or can supply new and arrange a managed contract so you can enjoy all the sports, movies and more that you had in the UK

What do I need?

To receive english satellite TV in Brittany (or anywhere else)you need a dish pointing at the Astra2 satellite cluster (nominaly 28.5 degrees east of south) and a suitable decoder

The Dish

For reception in Brittany a Sky Zone1 dish will be fine or alternatively a generic 50cm dish. Any problems you may hear about using these dishes are the result of faulty equipment or more usually incorrect installation.

The Decoder

You have essentially 3 choices for your decoder:

A FreeSat Box: This is without question the best choice if you only want to receive the free UK channels, it was designed for it.

A Sky box: A sky box will work fine for the free channels with no card at all but you’ll be stuck with the regional variations of the region for which the box was originally intended. You’ll also find that the program guide features a load of channels that you can’t watch without a subscription.
Of course if you have a Sky contract then a Sky box is the only decoder you can use to take advantage of it.

Generic Free-To-Air box: These are will work fine for receiving UK TV….. BUT….. they will have a very sketchy program guide (if it exists) and they will nee to be updated periodically to keep up with housekeeping changes on the satellite.